Vicky Barry Performing Arts is one of Ireland’s leading performing arts schools. Situated in Kildare Town, Allen/ Kilmeague, Newbridge and Clane VBPA offers classes to students aged 3 to 18 in dance, singing & drama with the most committed and experienced teachers who are dedicated to helping your children realise their potential and develop as a performer.


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We offer classes in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Commercial dance. We believe dance is a wonderful way to gain confidence, build strength, poise and co-ordination and improve posture and flexibility while gaining skills in team work, resilience and perseverance. Dance is an art. Through movement dancers learn how to express thoughts, emotions, stories, concepts, images, and more.We can cater to a complete beginner right up to an advanced level within the school also. With scientific research showing dance is the best exercise to live longer, it is a useful skill for any child to learn and carry on using for the rest of their lives!


Learning how to sing and use your voice properly is about more than just sounding good! Protecting your vocal chords, learning how to control your breathing and having correct posture are the key elements to becoming a strong singer. Here at VBPA our professional singing teachers show their students how to warm up and breath properly until it becomes second nature. Students will have the opportunity to improve their confidence by learning, practicing & gaining experience in singing live on stage, properly using a microphone and balancing their sound to sing within a large group. Each week in class our students will work on a different skill, so that by the end of each term they are stronger and more knowledgeable singers!


Within our Drama programme and training all of our students have the opportunity to lead, to listen, to offer their viewpoint, discuss others, communicate their ideas and feelings and enjoy the art of performance. The stage craft and drama skills taught by our highly qualified and experienced teachers not only enhance our students ability to perform on a stage or in front of a camera, to the highest level, but are also transferable to their everyday life in problem solving, socialising and building self-confidence. While we work toward an end of year performance and our agency has proven very successful – with many of our students being the top choice for casting directors in theatre, T.V., film and radio – it is the work and camaraderie experienced in our weekly classes that really enhance the lives of our students and stand the test of time.