We offer classes in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Commercial dance. We believe dance is a wonderful way to gain confidence, build strength and co-ordination and improve posture and flexibility while having lots of fun along the way! We can cater to a complete beginner right up to an advanced level within the school also. With scientific research showing dance is the best exercise to live longer, it is a useful skill for any child to learn and carry on using for the rest of their lives!


Learning how to sing properly is’nt just about sounding good. When you sing the wrong way you can strain your vocal chords. Here at VBPA our professional singing teachers will show students how to warm up and breath properly until its second nature. Students will have the opportunity to improve their confidence by learning how to sing live on stage, use a microphone and sing within a large group.!


With our Talent Agency going from strength to strength we have drama teachers on hand to prepare students for auditions for TV, Film and Stage. Our highly experienced drama teacher will give students the skills to perform both on Stage and TV while also being audition ready. Much of the drama skills are learned through fun, games and confidence building within class. The confidence gained from these classes will carry through to school,career and life.


Registration is now open! Complete the form on our registration page and get your spot for this year’s classes.